1. Thanks for following me for another year everyone! Happy October!

  2. Some Steam Train fanart for my favorite Steam Train series!

  3. Hey folks, just thought I would drop in and share the reason for my indefinite hiatus! This is some of the work I’ve done recently as a tattoo student! I have a long way to go but I really do feel like each one gets a little easier and a little better. If you’re in Oregon and you feel like getting a tattoo come visit me and let me practice on your flesh! Just fyi I haven’t quit drawing fanart or comics. In fact I have a big comic project in the works but until I graduate and start making enough money to feed and house myself I won’t be dedicating any serious time to much else. Thanks for supporting me and following my Tumblr. You are all wonderful!

  4. Another try at tattoo flash art, this time inspired by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!

  5. I’ve begun experimenting with tattoo flash so I have something to show Angel Ink when I go in this weekend so here’s another bit of Dark Souls inspired art.

  7. I wanna make this into a shirt or a patch.

  8. I was gonna color this and than…

  9. Sailor Jupiter being a cool ass game-dame for my art trade with Hellaphatchan

  10. Another old drawing that was just sitting on my computer! Not sure what it was for?

  11. I found an old drawing of Rydia from FF5

  12. Steam Train King’s Quest tribute!

  13. SSSShhhhh don’t tell any of my friends but I’ve made this for a gift I’m giving them! Merry Krampus.

  14. Happy Holidays gang! We’ve almost made it through another year!

  15. Some more Steam Train fan art to commemorate the finale of this awesome game!