1. Another try at tattoo flash art, this time inspired by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!

  2. I’ve begun experimenting with tattoo flash so I have something to show Angel Ink when I go in this weekend so here’s another bit of Dark Souls inspired art.

  4. I wanna make this into a shirt or a patch.

  5. I was gonna color this and than…

  6. Sailor Jupiter being a cool ass game-dame for my art trade with Hellaphatchan

  7. Another old drawing that was just sitting on my computer! Not sure what it was for?

  8. I found an old drawing of Rydia from FF5

  9. Steam Train King’s Quest tribute!

  10. SSSShhhhh don’t tell any of my friends but I’ve made this for a gift I’m giving them! Merry Krampus.

  11. Happy Holidays gang! We’ve almost made it through another year!

  12. Some more Steam Train fan art to commemorate the finale of this awesome game!

  13. Steam Train fanart with Dannysexcat and Ross

  14. Just because Walt and Avery aren’t having a good Halloweener doesn’t mean you have to! Have a fun, safe and spooky Halloween everyone!

  15. Attention Portlanders! Floating World Comics is now selling Son of Sam Vol. 1 for just 10$! Go there, buy one and get super hyped on it for me please?

    If you’re interested in purchasing one but you aren’t fortunate enough to live in the Portland area, hold tight because I will have a new shop up soon! In the mean time feel free to message me here if you’d really like one and we can work something out!