1. viivus:

    some panels experiments I did today

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  2. Anonymous asked: hey dude, you might not draw as much anymore, but you have improved so much its crazy. Great shadow work and good balance of details while still attaining a simple style. Really cool! Also your comic has a really good flow to it and I love love love the characters and their interactions.

    Thank you so much. This really means a lot to me and it’s so wonderful to hear that you enjoy my work : )


  3. Anonymous asked: did you get any nice anonymous messages? if no then DANG IT THEY DID NOT SEND

    No, they did, I’m so sorry, it’s just, I got it yesterday and sometimes when people send me such nice messages I get really nervous about how to respond. Sorry!


  4. salvia-plath:

    In honor of the upcoming holiday,

    Tiger Army - Cupid’s Victim

    Without a warning it comes flying- and when it strikes my world changes, all reason left behind.
    Without a warning it comes flying- and its to late to resist it for my fate is sealed.
    And I know, my heart’s no longer mine.

    Just like an arrow through my heart. A feeling so strong.
    A scarlet fever burns my soul from this moment on/

    Can’t shake this fever from my mind. It burns away all that has passed and draws me to her side.
    "A direct hit" the cupid smiles…
    Wounded, I fall into delrium
    And I know, my heart’s no longer mine.

  6. ginsengandhoney:

    can be bought as a print or shirt here!

    I love GH’sart so much. I reblog every bit of it that I see.

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  7. pokemonreo:

    Experience the journey of Nintendo’s greatest handheld gaming franchise in a whole new way. Pokémon Reorchestrated’s “Double Team!” album brings music from the Pokémon franchise to life with a live string ensemble, featuring professional musicians from the Seattle area.

    iTunes: https://itun.es/i66X4Py
    Loudr: http://ldr.fm/b8rB4

    Physical albums available for pre-order!: http://pkmndoubleteam.com/

    Everyone, listen.

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  8. afuchan:

    I updated my InPrnt shop with more prints. Enjoy! 

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  10. I wanna make this into a shirt or a patch.


  11. I want a shiny Giratina so bad.

    If you have one. I will trade you so much things for it. So much things.

  12. epsee:

    Anonymous asked epsee: Can I make a request of Ellie and Joel? Thank you I wuv you<3

    Doesn’t quite deliver LOL have a pic of my daughters

  13. viivus:

    Sketchbookin’, god I love my blue pen.

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