1. suncreaturestudio:

    Epic Wilhelm in nosferatu form. If you remember Vito and Wilhelm’s logbook after they had reached the X on the map something strange happened because of the audience’s choice.

    Artist: Kenneth Ladekjer

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  3. notgreatbobducca said: You’ve grown so much as an artist. Proud mama over here.

    Look at me, actually making mamas proud. Whod’ve thunk it?


  4. cyber-rad-69 said: i always wondered why did u name ur comic after a serial killer

    When I started it, I literally only knew I was gonna make my little Jewish character Walt get rebellious and become a ‘bad kid’ type. So I googled “bad jews” or something stupid and David Berkowitz was the first result. It just kinda seemed like a cool name honestly so I stuck with it. Actually it almost got very accurate.

    A couple of months into SOS I was weighing the idea of making the plot wayyyy dark and killing off Avery.

    For those interested it would have happened during Walt’s blackout at the end of chapter two, and the rest of the series would have revolved around everyone trying to figure out whodunnit and Walt thinking he did it and trying to figure out if he did and how.

    Ultimately it just wasn’t the story I wanted to tell at the time so I scrapped the idea and moved on to the teen drama/romance tale we all know and some of us want finished.


  5. Anonymous said: i used to follow you then i kind of left tumblr?? but i just wanted to say i LOVE your art you have one of the best styles and you are such an inspiration to me! i love son of sam! and all of your art!!! never stop drawing!!!!!

    Awwwh, hey thank you so much. That is so great to hear. I did take quite the hiatus from both tumblr and SOS, mainly to focus on tattooing. I am trying to get back into it though and I really have been drawing more but probably not things tumblr would appreciate from me.

    Here’s a peek at something I may or may not be able to finish for the 31st:

    Wow, look at them spooky shadows.

  6. mildtarantula:

    next weekend is MCM! i’ll be at comic village table H13.
    my buddy claudetc is at F1 in the same sort of block of comic village!
    full floorplan is here. there’s two halls again, so make sure you find us both in the right hall!

    i’ll have hemlock #1 to #4, about 50 of the hemlock sketchbooks and copies of steven universe #1 and #2.

    I wanna goooo : 0

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    instagram dump, part 7!

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    character artwork

    Terra Battle

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  9. seapanties-kun said: I don’t think so?? I mean the official category definitely isn’t BL. Also thanks buddy!

    Oh, perhaps its just a case of a fandom pairing gone out of control!

    trilltrillian said: If I recall correctly, it’s been years but I remember watching it first and not feeling that sense of “I need to have seen x many other shows to get this”.

    Good, because thatg’s kinda what has stopped me from watching any of them already, it seems so daunting.

    eeekaboo reblogged this from you and added: Vision of Escaflowne! Thats a super one c:

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out!

    Seriously thanks everyone for replying. I cant wait to dive into all of these. I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna make November Mecha Marathon month now. Haha


  10. rilltrillian said: I think Gundam Wing is pretty self contained.

    Right on! I’ll start with that! Thanks!!!


  11. squeegee21 said: Have you ever watched Gundam? It can be pretty good and pretty bad at times.

    There’s an awful lot of iterations in the Gundam series and I’ve seen none, which should I start with?

  12. the gifs are pretty choppy but damn it was hard fitting them under 1mb
    thats my girl


    decided to try out emofuri…unexpectedly more fun then i thought it’d be

    Cute : 0

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  13. seapanties-kun said: Eureka Seven and that one with the hero’s or something? Tiger Bunny

    Hey, great blog name. I’ve seen E7 too! It’s one of my all time favorites! Even the OVA which was kinda weird. I will check out Tiger and Bunny, like, I knew it had robots but based on what I saw on tumblr I always assumed it was more of a man-romance anime? Is that not accurate?


  14. sarufish answered: have you seen gurren lagann??

    Oh yeah!, forgot to mention I’d seen that one! Gurren Lagann was my jam back in the day!

    mosaiconic answered: Xam’d from what I remember had really great animation and Diebuster was silly goes all out.

    Ooooh fun! I think I’ve heard talk of Diebuster before. I love hot-blooded bs anime so I can’t wait! Never heard of Xam’d but I will check it out! 

    Thanks guys!

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    Get to know: Peter Capaldi (insp)

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